Thursday, June 7, 2012


ok so life has been crazy busy! Kids are all kinds of grown up and I am now a Phlebotomist and Dev is still working hard! I don't think anyone reads this so I am gonna post more for me. :) lol I am starting a new challenge which I hope will help! Its call the CAT Challenge... My cousin Cammy has this health blog and I saw it on there so I am doing it..or gonna try at least! The challege has 3 levels you can choose and I chose to do the silver one which means I need to get off this couch and get moving since it goes like this! 170 miles by August 31 and I missed one week already...oops! You can walk, run, elliptical, bike, or Swim (NEW this year) to count your miles. HOWEVER, since it is easier and faster to BIKE, you can only count 1 mile for every 3 miles you bike. So say you do 6 miles on your stationary bike, you can only count 2 of those miles toward your goal. And Swimming can be a little more time consuming and it's a full body workout, so for every 1/2 mile swam you can count it as 1 mile toward your goal. Miles only count if they are consecutively earned. So you can't just strap on your pedometer and count your steps throughout the day and say you walked 10 miles or whatever. This is a challenge! That means you can only count miles when you set out to burn fat and calories and get in shape! Im actually REALLY excited! Hopefully I can do it! wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deer Hunt

This year was fun because both Devin and his mom got their first deer! We went up on Friday October 21 which was Kiegens 4th birthday set up camp and hung out. Had a little birthday party for kieg

Saturday Mom dad dev all went out early to look for deer and came back with nothing. At lunch dad said a prayer that we would be able to go home with a deer. After lunch I was lets me honest tired of Kiegen so I asked mom to take him on a ride on the 4 wheeler so I could nap and next thing we know we are waking up to " I just got a deer" she got her first deer all by herself! It was awesome and an awesome shot. We got back and cleaned her deer up went back to camp and ate an early dinner we made sure to say thank you to Heavenly Father since there was a teaching experience going.

About 5pm we went out to look for deer/call uncle zack and aunt chanise. In the back of the truck was Devin, kiegen, and I we were driving for a little bit then kiegen looks up at me and whispers "mommy we should say a prayer" I said "ok buddy lets say one" I said one in my head and looked down and him and he was whispering a little prayer. Not more than 2 mins later we go around a corner and what do we see but a few deer and sure enough Dev was able to get one! It was kinda fun since i had never been out with them and seen it done! But the best part was kiegen so proud that he knew that his prayer had helped! so we knelt down right next to the deer and said a prayer of graditude.

It was so much fun! We always love to go!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whats been going on with us

We have been really busy with lots of fun stuff here are some pictures to show how much fun!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Growing Kids

We took the kids to the doctor today for their check ups and here are their stats

Kiegen 3 Years Old

39 Inches (84%)
33.5 pounds (69%)

He is growing up so fast and doing so well! He is fun to talk to and always keeps us on our toes!

Zoie 4 Months

23 1/4 inches (16%)
12 Pounds (17%)
and her head is in the 40%

She is growing like a weed and is laughing and smiling and is so much fun!

We are so lucky to have to sweet kids we have we couldn't be happier to be their parents!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blessing Day

This is a little late but we blessed Zoie Renee on September 5 2010 She wore the same dress her mommy wore when she got blessed so it was extra special. She looked so cute and didn't cry during the nice blessing her daddy gave her!